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Set Your Sights on the Future

See Yourself

Together, we will…

Assess your academic profile, including:

  • course planning
  • grades and test scores
  • athletics and activities
  • community service

Explore your skills, aptitudes, and major/career interests

Analyze your college priorities, including:

  • size and location
  • academics and activities
  • campus and culture
  • cost considerations

See Your Opportunities

Together, we will…
  • Identify colleges for your consideration
  • Create a balanced list of good fit colleges
  • Prepare for college visits

See Your Path

Together, we will…

Manage the entire application process and timeline, including:

  • application strategies
  • essays
  • letters of recommendation
  • financial aid
  • merit scholarships
  • admissions decisions

Ultimately, this process belongs to you, the student. But I will be there every step of the way to offer expertise, resources, guidance, and support.