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About Julie

Visualize College Consulting: Julie Marsh

I’ve been a Colorado resident for nearly 20 years, and two of my own children graduated with honors from Douglas County School District high schools. I believe that being a fellow parent of teens is among my most important qualifications as a college counselor. I share your hopes and dreams, your anxieties and concerns, and I myself have agonized over how best to help my own children find their paths.

I genuinely enjoy getting to know each student as they discover what matters to them. While I’m in tune with the world of teens, I have no preconceived notions about any of my students. I seek to help them uncover their unique personal qualities, guide them in exploring their visions for their future, and assist them in formulating plans to accomplish those goals.

I have an eclectic background, thanks to circuitous educational and professional paths. I’ve transferred colleges and changed majors. I’ve won and lost scholarships. I’ve slogged through summer school and endured the grind of graduate school. I’ve served as an Air Force officer at the Pentagon, worked in the music industry in New York City, and been a pioneer in online publishing and advertising. I know how painful it is to fail and how exhilarating it is to succeed. But most of all, I know there isn’t a single “right” path for every student.

Academic credentials:

  • BS in Environmental Health Sciences, Wright State University, Dayton OH
  • MS in Telecommunications Management, University of Maryland, College Park MD
  • Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting, University of California Irvine

Professional memberships:

Military service:

  • Communications-Computer Systems Officer, US Air Force, Pentagon (honorably discharged as a Captain)

Professional background:

  • IT project management
  • Online publishing and advertising
  • E-commerce site management
  • Substitute teaching (high school)

Volunteer work: