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College Visit: Kenyon College

Kenyon College is a private liberal arts and sciences college located in Gambier, Ohio. Kenyon is one hour northwest of Columbus and 90 minutes southwest of Akron.

Founded in 1824, Kenyon College will celebrate its bicentennial this year. Kenyon covers 1,000 acres, including a sizable nature preserve. Middle Path runs over 3,500 feet from one end of the campus to the other.

Middle Path at Kenyon College

Kenyon prides itself on a variety of qualities and accomplishments. For one, Kenyon pioneered the practice of academic advising. Now commonplace and expected at all universities -- public and private -- this essential professor-student relationship began at Kenyon College.

Chalmers Library at Kenyon College

Kenyon characterizes itself as a writer's college, regardless of area of study. Kenyon students learn to think well and write well for the purpose of self-expression and sharing ideas. Even in STEM coursework, the ability to write well is emphasized.

Science Quad at Kenyon College

At Kenyon, students collaborate academically and with intention, and the faculty encourage and support student initiatives outside the classroom as well. In sum, "Kenyon is a place that will care for you and inspire you to care for others."

Ransom Hall at Kenyon College

Academically, Kenyon College is a good fit for students who are serious thinkers, regardless of what major they pursue. As a small liberal arts and sciences college, Kenyon students pursue traditional majors in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and World Languages, along with STEM majors including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Neuroscience. Kenyon also offers fine arts majors such as Dance, Music, Film, and Studio Art. With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio and close relationships between students and professors, students pursue independent research as early as freshman year.

The Five Angel Musicians Outside Rosse Hall at Kenyon College

Culturally, Kenyon College has a population of nearly 1,900 undergraduate students, and the average class size is a mere 15 students. Students hail from 47 states and 48 countries. One-third of Kenyon's student population are students of color or international students. Kenyon is a fully residential campus; all students live on campus for all four years.

Swimming Pool at Kenyon College

Kenyon offers Division III athletics for both men and women, including basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, and tennis. Kenyon College may be located in a small town without a single traffic light, but a quarter of Kenyon alumni work in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Peirce Hall at Kenyon College

Financially, Kenyon College has a Cost of Attendance of over $87,000 per year, including tuition, room and board, and student activity fees. Kenyon does offer a variety of merit and talent-based scholarships valued at up to $25,000 per year. Kenyon also offers need-based financial aid, including institutional grants awarded based on a family's CSS profile. Kenyon is need-blind; a family's ability to pay is not considered when making admissions decisions. (Kenyon is need-aware for international applicants.)

For more information on Kenyon College, explore their website and take a virtual tour.